Merry Medical Christmas :)

How are you? I haven’t heard from you since thanksgiving and just wanted to see how things are. I’m good, thanks for asking… The Siberian Tooth cat that is Stupid Baby Kitty Face is growing by leaps and bounds. I have attache

d a picture for you to see his ferociousness and so you can too, experience the fear that is SBKF.


Lets see what else is happening in my world… Oh, I just bought a Wii. Probably the worst mistake in the history of man kind. Well, it’s up there. Like spray cheese and Clear Pepsi, just not a good idea. I find my days longing to Venus and Serena the crap out of things in Wii sports and Princess it up in Mario Party 8. I often as people to play doubles and challenge people to mini-battles here at work for coins. It’s just not the same thing. I feel that other drugs have nothing on what Nintendo did with this game and NO it is not just for kids. And in the great words of Whitney Houston “the Children ARE our future” and “Crack IS Wack.” I think there might be an epidemic-a-brewing.


Anywho. Lets see. My newly aquired roommates are doing well. Bull has come down with some sort of cold that WebMd is trying to diagnose as Eye Herpies. Big surprise there. What don’t the diagnose as Eye Herpies? For those of you that know I had a mild eye irritation earlier this season that WebMd told me to “immedieatly contact my emergiency professional” for due to the fact that I had some sort of weird STD… IN MY EYE… Stupid WebMd. It was allergies. So glad I paid that emergency bill… LAME… Bull has a cold. He’ll live. He always does…

Nick and his girl friend Caitlyn are doing well also. Nick resently got fired from the bowling alley, which I am not sure how one can do, but has bounced back immediately and fully by working in his field of Electrical things. Ok, I’m not sure what he does but he gets up at 6 to the alarm blaring Spanish talk radio. And is out the door by 6:05. And he pays the rent on time. All of these things make me happy… Nicks the one that went halves on a Wii with me. I wonder if he will go halfs on the rehab it’s going to take to kick the Wii.

Jason is well. Jaw is recovered nicely. Who would have thought you can break your jaw in 3 places and it would turn out ok? Weird. He has rug burns on his knees from Wii Tennis. Why he plays on his knees we don’t know but then again we don’t ask a lot of questions of Jason.

This is all I can write for now, I promise I will be back soon,

Happy Holidays

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October? Are you kidding?

Can someone please tell me how it got to be October already?  I mean seriously.  The last time I was able to write was August 20th!  It’s been over a month!  Heres a top ten list of things that have happened in that month

1.  I work 70+ hours a week between the office and bartending.

2.  I hate doctors, I’ve been to 8 in the last month.  I am tired of it!

3.  I am crazy excited to go to wisconsin dells next weekend with my family.  Everyone will be there and I can’t wait

4.  The bar is doing well and I still suprisingly love it.  I am working Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week so I might be singing a different song come next monday.

5.  I realized I have no friends.  A depressing thought but all to true…  Lots of aquaintences and everyone likes me as far as I know.  Just no one gets past that stage with me…

6.  I am frusterated by one of my roomates, he’s just inconciderate and does’nt care about other peoples property.  Expecially does’nt care if he drives my jeep accross the lawn… Sorry kid, you just lost all my repsect, and use of my car.

7.  Apple pie shots at 4 am… not a good choice.  Having the boys come over at 4… Good choice…  Watching the bears kick ass on Sunday… Better choice

8.  I just had my 10 year highshcool reunion and loved it 🙂  I made crazy cash

9.  I have secrets about things and I want to tell everyone…

10.  I have given up on certain people cause they will always let you down.  Just a note to everyone, if somone won’t do things for you that you would do for them, they never will come around.  Cut your losses and move on.

11.  I finally saw the sex in the city movie and I’d give it a 6 out of 10.  I know I was shocked I felt that way about it too.  I could have gone with out.

12.  My parents rock and have been helping me put my new room together.  IE hanging shelves, curtains, bringing over dressers.  They frickin rock and my pink room is coming around… And yes Erin, my Pink Chandelier is above my head once again 🙂

13.  I am thinking of having a suprise party at my house.  I have’nt been to one in ages and it is a good excuse to get all the girls together.  I will just have to kick the boys out for the night.

14.  I thought I hated girls that wore red patent leather peak-a-boo heals but it turns out I don’t.  Thank god those nightmares are over.

15.  I was up at 5:30 this morning so my train of thought is stopped somewhere between exausted and hungry

16.  I hate people at work that tell you what to do over and over again, even if you know what you are supposed to do, do it right, and are good at it.  And yes I may have a question about one thing that is a yes or no question.  Do not talk AT me for 20 mintues trying to prove you are superior to me.  You are not.  You never will be.  If you were, I would quit.

17.  I am really frickin bossy when I bartend.  I will always ask you to run up stairs for what ever we need so that the bar runs smoothly.  know this, I’m not sorry, I may not trust you behind the bar and my only goal right then is to get cash in the drawer and cash in the tip bucket.  And to my customers, Remember, I’m the bartender that reminds you that you forgot to order the shots you did’nt know you wanted 🙂

18.  I miss my close girl friends.  Erin, April, Kelley… Everyone has moved away.  Living with 3 boys isn’t easy when all you want to do is lay in bed and watch sappy movies and cry with someone.

Well, that being said.  I have lots to do… I will catch up with everyone tommorrow.  I promise I will try to be more on top of things 🙂



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An update on me…


Lets see… It’s been all summer that I have neglected my blog L  But lots of things have happened.  I moved into a new house with 3 of my friends and I love it.  It’s weird living with all boys tho, even baby kitty is a boy.  I don’t mind tho.  The only thing I mind is when I get home and no one is there.  What is the point of living with 4 people if I have to be alone all the time???  


What else…


Oh, I bought a Jeep.  Something I have wanted since I was 16 and I finally bit the bullet and got one.  My father is none too pleased.  But I think that he’s warming up to it just by seeing how happy it makes me.  Oh.  And I WILL NEVER take the doors off again.  It took me like an hour and a half to get to work cause I was scared of going over 40.  A little too much elbow room for me.  I gladly put the doors back on last night…  Oh, and then theres this b.s. with the soft top that seems like it will never get resolved…  But all in all I am exstatic about it…


Oh, what else?

I have read the twilight series and I am hooked…  I’m in love with the books.  I am in love with the movie coming out… I am in love with the guys playing Edward and Jasper (even if they are in real life WAY younger then I, I don’t care).  I am in love with Stephanie Meyer for introducing me to such a world.  I am even not completely depressed that Harry Potter is being moved to next summer when Twilight opens on my birthday (11/21)


I am currently reading Chelsea Handlers new book… “Are you there Vodka, it’s me Chelsea”  I recommend it to everyone.  It is hilarious so far and I am only about ½ way through.  Anyone who enjoys funny would love this book, her first book “my horizontal life”, Her show “the Chelsea Handler show” and lastly her stand up (which I got to see with my sister, brother and Kelley a few months back).  She’s amazing and blunt, and honest.  I f-ing love her.


Oh boy, what else is going on in my life that is write-worthy…  mmmm… we will have to wait and see…

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Things that suck right now…

Ok.  I’m in a very negative mood.  Now’s not the time to vent the dirty laundry.  I’m going to give it a day before I make an ass out of my self…

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Here’s a little tip… literally

So… As some may know I am a bartender on the weekends and the occasional Wednesday night.  And we sometimes have a promotion that is as amazing as 50 cent drafts.  Now of course you get only a 12 ouce cup but still at regular price of 1.50 for that cup you are getting a deal.  The reasoning behind this is so you come in with your $20 bucks cause you are poor and you can drink all night.  But my job is to get you to do some shots.  Cause you can afford it.  Drafts are 50 cents!  You get your drink on.  I get tipped.  everyones happy…

Oh wait a minute.  You mean I expect to get tipped on a 50 cent beer just like I would if you would have ordered that beer at full price.  Your god damn right I do.  You see.  I’m still doing the same amount of work and you are still drinking the same amount of beer and shots.  How is it that when you give me a dollar for a 50 cent beer and I give you your change back, because no one really wants to be tipped 50 cents.  we give you this back so you get the hint that this is’nt sufficiant.  Take your quarters for your next beer and give me a dollar tip you cheap ass.  Just becuase the drinks are cheap doesn’t mean you are’nt still getting that same great service with a frickin smile.  And not only that.  I have to stand behind the bar and entertain your lame ass becuase your friends don’t think you are cool/funny/as amazing as I am…. what ever.  I’m bustin my ass back here.  At least you could throw a sista a dollar…  These breast implants are’nt going to buy them selves.  And if you think about it.  They are really for you…

I love my customers but some of you need to go to ettiquite classes like I need to go to spelling classes.

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Back the H off, a tale of feelings…


When people don’t know how to back the H off…  A tale of feelings…

            I don’t understand why the mouse keeps hitting the button that shocks them.  I really don’t.  I don’t get how if every day after day after day the same result or reaction is had by the same action then why do people insist on doing that action?  Is it force of habit?  Do they think things are going to change?  Are they eternal optimists?  What is it about people that makes them think, today is the day I’m going to get a different answer/reaction/result.  God it makes me feel sorry for those people.  Because they just don’t know when to back the H off…

            When I get up in the morning.  I don’t want to talk.  If I do want to talk.  Let me come to you.  I’m like this till about noon.  I’m not kidding.  I’m lethargicly irritated all the time in the morning.  I’m moody and crabby.  I just want to be in bed but I have to pretend to live a normal existence and get out of bed like everyone else and go to work.  I’m fine with that.  (Actually I’m not but I have to pretend I am but that’s another story) Anyway, my body is not cooperating, I can’t think, I usually don’t remember the drive to work which is why I take the same way everyday for fear of getting lost.  It’s like giving someone tranquilizers and telling them to take the SAT’s.  I know it’s not normal but that is what it is.  And apparently this is something that I have to deal with.  So everyone out there that wants to ask me questions before 12pm… Good luck. 

            Your going to get an answer of either Bull Shit or Sarcasm.  Or I’m just going to be snippy with you because I can not make decisions when I can’t think.  Or I’m just trying to concentrate on not forgetting my Fing badge for work again.  And when I get to work do not schedule meetings for 9:30 am.  You will be disappointed.  4pm is when my brain is on fire (I’m writing this at 4:06) and ready to roll.  Ask me then.  Or better yet.  Don’t ask me need to know the answer now questions.  Leave the answers open ended so by the time I can function I can e-mail you and tell you what you want to know. 

            Some time in the future I just need you to back the H off alright.  And yes.  H stands for Heck.

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And then there was light…


Hello world.  It’s me Anna.  I’m starting a blog cause it seems I don’t have time to write as much as I want so I am going to put my thoughts in a public forum.  We will see what happens from there.  Today I was brain storming some topics…  These are just a few I will touch on in the next week or so.  It could be interesting, it could be crap.  You never know unless you try…  Until then…



  • Is it really hip to be square?
  • How to know everything… one girls revealing way of how she’s learned everything.
  • Is bipolar the new black?
  • Can you tell the difference between “Lite”/ “sugar free” and regular foods?  Does it make you want to punch someone?
  • Interesting things Weight Watchers has taught me.
  • All I want is a space to call my own.  A tragic tale…
  • When people don’t know how to back the H off me… A humorous yet truthful story of feelings.

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